10 Highest Paying In-demand Jobs in Canada 2022-2023

Jobs in Canada You really don’t want to do some job. You want to explore in-demand jobs so you can choose a profession with greater job stability and high pay potential. Ok, what do you guess? This is more than it can be. After all, many of Jobs in Canada on-demand jobs for the next five years provide tremendous earning prospects as employers seek to recruit and retain skilled staff because of expected shortages of labor. And, to help you determine where those work opportunities could exist, we’ve uncovered 10 of the most challenging jobs in Canada for the coming years.

  1. Jobs in Canada: Practical Registered Nurse

Practical Registered Nurse

When it comes to stressful work, it seems that being a professional practical nurse would be a good year. Neuvoo says an average wage in Canada for a professional practical nurse is $57,413 a year.

  1. Physiotherapist


You’ll be doing one of those jobs as a physiotherapist where no day is the same as before. You may be working with amputees, elderly people, and more to help them recover physical function after injury. Neuvoo claims the average wage in Canada for a physiotherapist is $73,702 per annum.

  1. Massage therapist

Massage therapist

This has one of the fastest-rising professions and the most flexible. You may opt to work in a health facility, in a luxurious hotel, in a fitness center, or from the client’s residence. Neuvoo says a massage therapist gets an average annual salary of $58,500.

  1. Chiropractor


Although these are not doctors, the holistic services they offer can also benefit patients with issues and some hospitals have chiropractors on their employees. The average annual wage for a Chiropractor in Canada, according to Neuvoo, is $70,200.

  1. Jobs in Canada: Psychologist


These are not just folk sitting around and listening to you talking about your issues and instead of telling you how you feel about them. They will work in many areas, ranging from sports to law enforcement. Although it is one of those occupations that are paid surprisingly less than you think, according to Neuvoo, the average yearly salary for a psychologist in Canada is still a respectable $92,367.

  1. Dentist


Unlike doctors, these have wildly different wages based on factors. Nonetheless, they do have one of the very best pay growth jobs. The average pay for a dentist in Canada is $110,559 per annum, according to Payscale.com.

  1. Jobs in Canada: Technologist in engineering

Technologist in engineering

Like those engineering jobs that once were among the highest paying jobs to vanish, you may want to reconsider the kind of work you’d like in this area. The market for most forms of engineers in Canada has risen but there is a shortage of technical technologists and technicians with more realistic technical approaches. Neuvoo said the total annual pay for a Canadian engineering technologist is $61,526.

  1. Analyst for the Information Management

Analyst for the Information Management

Operating without the job of an information technology analyst is pretty much difficult for a company these days. This is the guy, after all, who comes up with the perfect IT solution for the needs of the client. The annual pay for an information technology analyst is $75,933 according to Neuvoo.

  1. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

The graphic design remains one of the future’s digital art forms, and one that actually pays the rent too. Big companies have full-time graphic designers on their payroll, so it’s one of the best opportunities for introverts because you can easily do the job as a freelancer. Neuvoo notes the total Canadian salary for a graphic designer is $45,836 a year.

  1. Truck driver

Truck driver

Not only for university are graduates decent in-demand Jobs in Canada. Every time you buy something from the store or order something online, you have to thank a transportation truck driver for bringing this product to you. According to Neuvoo, it is one of the best-paying jobs that does not require sitting at a desk, with an average annual salary of $44,561.

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