Immigrate to the USA: The Steps in Getting a Visa

Visa the American Now that you have confirmed your eligibility to submit an entry for the Green Card Lottery, we will give you a brief orientation of the steps to take in order to manage your expectations Visa the American.

Step by Step Guide About Visa the American

1-Read the instructions provided by the Department of State for the year in which you want to apply

The submission of entry for the Green Card lottery is online through No paper submissions will be accepted. The schedule for application is only within one month which starts on October 1 and ends in November of the same year. Please submit in the first week of October to avoid delays or any electronic error on the website. In addition, if you want a Green Card as if the fulfillment of your dream depends on it then you must not submit a late entry. To eliminate the possibility of late submission, we can help you set up your entry via our website. Stay tuned for specific details in the next chapter of this book.

2-Accomplish the online entry form completely and with absolute caution Visa the American

It is important that you have a copy of the required information by your side as you fill out the electronic form in the website. We have provided a complete list of information at the back of this book (see page 22) as your guide. Please refer to it when you answer the form and review your answers before hitting the SUBMIT button.

3-You should submit the entry within the allowed schedule

The US government permits only one entry for each individual per fiscal year. Multiple entries can easily be detected by the system and will automatically disqualify the entrant.

After submitting the entry, you will see your name and a unique confirmation number on the computer screen. Save the confirmation number and write it down on a piece of paper. It is the only way for you to find out if you have been selected by the DV lottery as a qualified person to get a diversity visa.

4-Check your entry status online at on May 5 of the next year

The time has come to find out if you have won the green card lottery! Encode your confirmation number on the allocated space on the website. The results will be available until at least June 30 of that year. Please check from time to time if your entry has been selected so that you can proceed to the interview for your diversity visa. The issuance of the DV will ONLY be until September 30 of that year. The Department of State does not mail any notification so it is best to keep an eye on your status regularly.

Please note that if you are selected as a winner of the lottery and you happen to be in the US, you can adjust your status in order to gain a permanent resident status through this Diversity Immigration Program.

5-Submit Form DS-260

Once selected you should submit the form online to update your personal information and that of your immediate family. If you have a newborn child after the time of your original entry in the lottery, then you can use this FORM DS-260 to include the details of your child. Please print the confirmation page after you submit as this is required in the DV interview. The Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) will be the agency to check your information and confirm if it is complete prior to your interview.

6-Prepare for the interview by gathering pertinent documents Visa the American.

You are nearing the culmination of your journey, the interview. It is recommended that you prepare the required documents early (original and certified copies as well as translations) so that you have complete information on the day of the interview. Examples of these documents are the appointment information, Form DS-260, passports, birth certificates, proof of employment, marriage certificates, police records, etc.

Review your schedule to avoid tardiness or missing your appointment. You are also required to undergo a medical checkup and bring the result during the interview. Please pay an interview and preparation fee of 330 US dollars prior to your interview to the appropriate payment office.

7-Show up ready to the consulate interview

The interview can be in the Consulate Office or the US Embassy. The person who will conduct the interview will be the consulate officer and it is important that you and a family member required to be there should come on time.

8-Wait for the result of the interview: Approved or Denied

The interviewer will inform you if your visa application is approved or denied right after the interview. If approved, your passport will be returned to you with a diversity visa attached on one page at a later time. In the event that your application is denied and that is final, the consular officer will let you know the reason for it. If however, you just need additional supporting documents, the consular officer will advise you to submit the lacking documents and review them until a decision is reached.

To avoid denial of the application, make sure all relevant documents are complete and you are fully prepared for the interview. Your answers can make or break your chance of becoming an American citizen. Grab this opportunity and prepare well.

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